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Cedar Creek Falls (Hike)

Days:  1 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 7 + ELEVATION GAIN 1100 + Location: Ramona, CA Trail Head: 32.995180,-116.756220 Type: Loop GPX File Download The Hike to Cedar Creek Falls: The hike to Cedar Creek Falls is a challenging six miles round-trip. Visitors on their way to the falls travel downhill on a trail with …

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Mecca Hills “Ladder Canyon Hike

Days:  1 Days Rating: (Moderate) Milage: 5+ Elevation Gain/lost:+1057’/-534″ Location: Horseshoe Meadow Trail Head: 33.623980, -115.996377 Type: Loop GPX File Download Located about an hour southeast of Palm Springs, this is hands down one of the most unique California “hikes” you’ll ever go on, largely because it’s a LADDER hike through a …

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Days:  2-3 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 12.5 + Elevation Gain/lost: +3400’/-3400″ Max Elevation :  11585′ Min Elevation: 8040′ Location: Big Pine Trail Head 37.128041, -118.427426 GPX File Download The Big Pine Creek Trailhead provides access to some of the finest scenery in the Sierra. From spring through most of the summer, you will pass by …

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Cottonwood Lakes to Upper Rock Creek Loop

Days:  2-3 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 27 + Elevation Gain/lost: +4550’/-2400″ Max Elevation : 14,026′ Min Elevation: 10,036′ Location: Horseshoe Meadow Trail Head: 36.448321, -118.170684 Type: Loop GPX File Download Cottonwood Lakes Trail provides a scenic romp through the Southeastern Sierra with alpine lakes and mountain views. Located south of Mount Whitney and west …

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Days:  2-3 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 20 + Elevation Gain/lost: +2380’/-1490″ Max Elevation : 4,700′ Min Elevation: 294′ Location: Big Sur Trail Head: 36.246075, -121.780149 Type: Loop GPX File Download Sykes Hot Springs is a popular hiking destination in the Ventana Wilderness. The actual springs are farther down the creek than one is led to believe …

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Days:  2 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 15 + Elevation Gain/lost: +4,690’/-1490″ Location: San Bernardino Mountains Type: In & Out Trail Head: 34.146177, -116.977987 Google Maps Topo Map GPX File Download Then, the trail begins a long traverse south, switchbacking up to Camp Washington, a trail camp with plenty of views but nothing to drink. One-hundred yards …

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WIND CAVES – CARRIZO (Anza Borrego Desert)

Days:  2 Days Rating: (Moderate/Strenuous) Milage: 10+ Elevation Gain/lost:+4550’/-2400″ Location: Anza Borrego Desert (Domelands Trailhead) Trail Head:32.779491, -116.089426 Type: Loop Google Maps GPX File Download There are several places in Anza-Borrego State Park where exposed sandstone layering has been slowly eroded by the wind to create odd and whimsical-shaped formations. Near Split Mountain, there are …

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Which Company Would You Choose?

Don’t act so surprised, Your Highness. You weren’t on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by Rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck. Partially, but it also …

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